LowerState Podcast 16 - DJ Ilmajaam


1. Multicast – Laura (Reprise) – Obliq Recordings – 2001
2. Wladimir M – Poem 2411 – New Electronica – 1994
3. Newworldromantic – Noworldbutu – NWAQ – 2001
4. Miles – Lustre – Modern Love – 2011
5. Biosphere – Sphere Of No-Form – Biophon Records – 2011 (1997)
6. Juju & Jordash – Chelm Is Burning – Golf Channel Recordings – 2011
7. Benjamin Brunn – Slow Down The Escalator! – BineMusic – 2005
8. Biogen – Stream (Sanasol Lake Mix) – Thule Records – 1997
9. Lawrence – Place To Be (Nass Remix) – Liebe*Detail Spezial – 2007
10. Cavalier – Kaimanawa – Drumpoet Community – 2011
11. Koss – Ra1030in (Karafuto Remix) – Mule Electronic – 2006
12. Jason Fine – Chaser – Kontra-Music – 2008
13. Unknown Artist – Catscan – Seldom Felt 2 – 2008
14. Besier / Lorber – Untitled – Nummer-Schallplatten – 2004
15. Yard – Detrit (Cane Remix) – Binary Dilemma – 2008|
16. Sun Glitters – Beside Me (Essáy’s Calm Interpretation) – Kann Records – 2011


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DJ Ilmajaam on Soundcloud
Freerotation Festival
Krill.ee (new project is due in the end of the year)
Cover Photo by Okeiko



Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and where you are from ?

Born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia, a small capital on the coast of Baltic sea. Actually I was born in a huge country back then know as the USSR which, of course, is history now. I don’t remember much from my childhood, but generally it seems alright. Not too diverse as it would be anywhere in Western Europe, but it was good, lots of happy moments. Times when you wait for one or two kids shows before sleeping, or when there was much less traffic on the street, and not so stressed people. Things like boring USSR Communist party leaders on TV or psychics, who many believers were afraid of and my grandfather would tell me not to watch and get affected by ! Then came the 90’s, things started to change, we got cable, more diverse information and finally, music channels.


Q: We have seen you play many different sets at Freerotation, can you tell us what the fesitval means to you ?

There is so much to say about Freerotation, that I do not know where to start. Let’s say, it is the most friendly, cosy, secure, relaxed event. A house party in a mansion with a huge amount of good dance and listening music and fantastic people on each level from the attendees and artists, to the organisers and bouncers. And another magical thing is that people tend to return to Freerotation, so each year you meet people who became your friends from the previous year and who you might not see until your next Freerotation. That’s very pleasant to get to know more and more positively charged individuals. FR is also the peak of summer for me, it doesn’t matter if it is in July or August.

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